Lessons are normally one hour in length.  This allows time to have an in-depth discussion of the topic at hand, and allows plenty of time for interaction and question/answer.  Often students need help with a technical problem, or have questions about specific material they are exploring.  1/2 hour lessons do not allow much time for that.

I also build in a little extra time if needed, so that students (hopefully) are not sent home with unanswered questions.

My goal is to keep lessons fun while working to become a better guitar player.  I try to address the musical interests of each student while looking for the shortest path to get everyone up and playing.

Most of my guitar students commit to a weekly 1-hour lesson.

1-hour lesson: $30

1/2- hour lesson: $20

Lesson topics may include:

  • Basic organization of the guitar, including tuning, chord construction, etc.
  • Finger-picking, flat-picking, strumming styles and techniques
  • Music Theory in general and as applied to guitar (basic and advanced – not required, but I do talk about it)
  • Improvisation in various styles (Jazz, Rock, Country, Folk, etc.)
  • Guitar accompaniment techniques in various styles
  • Composition
  • Music reading (not required)
  • Coaching for High School and College jazz orchestra guitarists is a specialty.
  • Just about anything else that might come up (I’m not a metal guy or a shredder, although I’ve had students who are.)
  • Rather than teach from a book, I prefer to use music familiar to each individual student for examples and as practice material.