Kobe Beets!

Please follow this link to my KOBE BEET SITE. You can hit your “back” button to get back to The Guitar Studio.

Cartoon about beet poetry

How about some ‘beet poetry’ … some of us are old enough to remember the ‘beet generation’.

By the way, I sent a link to this page to R. L. Freeborn, a beef rancher from Oregon and founder of Kobe Beef America. He’s sort of a ‘John Wayne’ cowboy type. He actually replied to my email!


Thank you for forwarding on to me the address of the web site about Kobe Beets. There are those within the meat industry that have accused me of bullshitting. This article, however, proves I am not even in the running. If there is an Oscar this story deserves it. For your information I have yet to shoot anybody that tries to take a picture of my cattle. There are a few people that for other reasons would qualify to be shot at but they are not in the beet or cattle business. Again thanks, I enjoyed the article.