New Madison Location as of July 1, 2016

Hi, Folks … The Guitar Studio has moved to 1709 S. Park St. as of July 1st. The old location is being prepared for demolition. Too bad … I think I’ve been there for pretty close to 17 years! But I’m pretty excited about the new place.

Here’s a Google map of 1709 S. Park St.

Here are some photos to get acquainted. If you click on the first photo you can view larger pix in a slideshow format … just click on the photo to get to the next one.

If you’re coming from the North, the building is immediately past Wingra Creek. You can get to the back parking lot from that first driveway alongside the building, but if you go down to the railroad tracks and make a U-turn you can get into the front parking lot. The back parking lot is also accessible from Beld St. if you take a left at that stop light just at Wingra Creek.